New Year Resolutions

I guess I’m not alone in being very poor at maintaining my blog during rituals and festivals – weddings, post weddings and then Christmas. Now tonight the last party of the year and nothing planned or on the horizon after this except settling down to work in a serious and professional way – a blog at least once a week, sending off poems, articles and novel specs on a regular basis, actually remembering what was the last thing I was writing, where I stored it and how I had intended to go on with it.  I have cleaned my office, my kitchen is finished and I am moved in so that domestic works take place in light and space, with places to put things and do things.  In other words no excuses.

One of my Christmas presents was The Complete Poems of Philip Larkin – with references, original citings and commentary.  This morning I read The North Ship – and I hope to read a solid section every day and look at the commentary before going back.  He is a poet that I have favourite poems that I love but whose body of work I am not really familiar with.  It is a huge 800 page book and I am really looking forward to getting down to reading it.

I am still reeling a bit from the recognition of Ha Noi 2000 and the second prize that it won in the Artemis/Second Light long poem competition.  It has been so important because it is an external recognition of my work and although I have had so much encouragement from friends and fellow poets I have needed a more public face to smile with and say – ah yea, well maybe I am a poet.  It has galvanised me into sorting out the stuff that I really want to work on and to try and make a proper schedule for 2013 of poems to be revised, worked on, written, organised into something beyond just a single poem.  I am excited by the prospect and now there are no barriers in the way of doing it.  I am also keen to get back to Abbreviations as my novel is still called although I intend to get a new title, synopsis and first three chapter through revising drastically what is already there.  I really want to write something else now and I would like to use the same character and another ‘foreign’ background.  I am thinking about posting initial chapters on this blog so will be grateful for feedback – watch this space.

Three Christmas cards had poems attached – this year I have moved into the real world of the poet and I feel so enthusiastic and motivated for the year ahead.  At least this year I don’t need to move or get married – life will be much easier!



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2 responses to “New Year Resolutions

  1. congratulations on the prize and recognition – is that the poem we saw some of in summer 2011? I love the last sentence x

  2. Congratulations on the Artemis prize, and whoo hooo for the new kitchen. The last I heard it was still in zillions of boxes!

    I look forward to reading the sample chapters of the novel.
    x ViV

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